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Aion: Explore Awakened Legacy for Your Glory!

  • 2018-09-28 11:28:44
  • Aion Kinah
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It's absolutely thrilling that new update is upcoming in Aion! According to the official website, this fantastic update will arrive on October 24. Lots of amazing improvements to almost all major game systems and features, and they will bring us a refreshing and simplified experience for Daevas old and young, promising to create a streamlined and more enjoyable experience regardless of your experience with the game.


Therefore, want to share some highlights of this brand new update to help you have a preview of all these new features. Thus, you can complete it more easily. Besides, you can get huge cheap Aion Kinah on on our website at the cheapest price. Please visit our site or contact us to learn more.

1. New Zone- Lakrum: A vast new land, dotted with long-forgotten ruins, has been discovered. Populated by mysterious new creatures and a solemn fortress guarded by the Jotun, the area known as Lakrum beckons adventurers to discover its secrets.

2. New Instance- Primeth's Forge: Ereshkigal's troops have invaded the home and workshop of the Jotun's greatest smith: Primeth. Brave the dangers of an active forge, liberate Primeth, and discover the true intent of Ereshkigal's plans before it's too late.

3. Cubics: With the update we're introducing a new Cubics system that can permanently increase your character's stats. Within the new region of Lakrum, max level characters can traverse a portal to Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab for a chance to obtain the magical Cubicles. Cubicles can then be stored in Cubics, which provide permanent stat increases.

4. Daevanion Skills: Characters at max level will have the ability to further customize their builds for PvE and PvP combat through skill specializations called Daevanion Skills. These are able to be switched at any time out of combat, allowing you to customize your approach to each and every encounter.

5. Infernal Drakenspire Depths: The regular Drakenspire Depths is being integrated into the revamped leveling campaign as a solo dungeon. A new more difficult version of the raid—Infernal Drakenspire Depths—is once again an endgame raid, offering the most powerful gear in the game.

Further information will be released in the next few weeks. will keep updating the latest information for you. Please stay tuned on our website if ypu are interested. If you want to buy Aion Kinah, just contact us at any time when you are in need. We are very glad to offer you help.