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How to Level Up 25 - 27 Smoothly in Aion

  • 2017-04-10 15:29:51
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No matter what you do, the final goal of playing MMORPG is to level up your character. In Aion, some players think it is easy to pass the early 20 level but get stuck in level 25. Now, I want to share you some guides that can help you pass the level 25 - 27 smoothly. BTW, Aion Kinah also available here.


You can go to the Abyss to level when you reach level 25. Then you can get the Abyss points and insane XP after killing a mob. Aion Kinah can be necessary to level up your character. What's more, you can find an endless amount here if you want to do any PvP. Two leveling paths are available, one is the Abyss leveling areas, the other one focuses on avoiding The Abyss at all costs. 

What you want to do firstly is turn in all of your quests and set your Obelisk location when you get to the Abyss. You can find the obelisk on the second floor of the main building in The Abyss. And many different areas available to you for grinding. 

You need to complete the following quests if you want to move to next level. Disrupting the Guardians, Eerie Undead, Fallen Warrior, Crystal Blue Persuasion and Disrupting the Guardians.  You have to take a quick flight south of where you get the quest to The Grave of Steel. After you reach level 27 your options open up much more. You can continue to grind at this location or you can head to the Upper Abyss and grind in the Upper Abyss. 

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