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Help the Ancient King and Queen Seal the Monsters Before August 30

  • 2017-08-21 17:25:54
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According to the previous report from Aion official site's producer's Letter, Aion servers will be consolidated in early October, 2017. Though both two servers have not yet been named finally, you can pick one of names by following the possible names given. Also, the cheap Aion Kinah US is hot sale on gold,raiditem with 5% discounts. Come and kick off new event in Aion World now!


Mysterious monsters have invaded Atreia through a rift in time. The Ancient King Ramsus and his wife, Queen Shepsut, need your help to return them back to where they belong. During the quest doing, you need to use Aion Kinah US keeping your character a strong body to fight against some bosses. Of course, gold.raiditem can meet your needs Besides, Hefty prizes and EXP rewards are up for grabs for helping the Ancient royalty return to their time.

How To Participate:
Ramsus is worried the monsters that accompanied him through the rift will cause great harm to the Daevas in Atreia, and has asked for your assistance in capturing their spirits in Ancient Shards so they can be sealed away once more.

Ramsus, Shepsut, and Shuphinx can all be found in the capital cities, and they all offer various quests which will reward you. Ramsus, the Ancient King, offers a repeatable quest; in exchange for (1) Ancient Shard, Rasmus will give you an Ancient Relic, a box containing various prizes. Shepsut, his wife, offers two quests for you, which grant EXP in exchange for your Ancient Shards. Finally, Shuphinx offers another two quests.

For 15 Ancient Shards, you can exchange them for one Ancient Insignia. One Insignia can be purchased per day from Shuphinx. If you collect 14 Ancient Insignias, you can turn them in to Shuphinx for a Divine Relic, which contains valuable items. Shuphinx also offers a weekly quest that grants three mysterious puzzle boxes. Defeating various Instance bosses will give you the keys required to solve the puzzles, which will grant an Ancient Shard plus a random Puzzle Box or prize bundle. You will also earn one Key Bundle every 30 minutes up to six per day.

Each day from 7PM till 9PM server time, the evil Yanubis will appear with his minions in Norsvold and Iluma. Yanubis will grant players an Ancient Shard as well as experience when defeated. Yanubis will respawn periodically during his spawn period.

Ancient Shards can also be found by completing dungeons  Additional Ancient Shards and Ancient Keys can be purchased from the store.

Rewardst To Get:
This event also set the different rewards item for winners. If you want to know the specific info about them. come to the Aion official forum in which you are able to find a clear list.

Additional Skills by Aion Kianh:
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Are you ready to help the Ancient King and Queen seal the monsters before they are forced home. Gold.raiditem will always welcome you to read our strong guides and buy Aion Kinah cheap and safe here in 30mins. Don't forget to improve your game skills as the event will end on August 30, 2017. Hope you win a big reward in game!