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Kumuki's Cave Returns: Evade the Kobolds & Save the Porguses!

  • 2017-11-09 16:08:47
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The Porguses have been captured by the Kumiki yet again, and again! This special Kumuki instance will have different rewards and will come and go every week. Is is worth mentioning that the event has set many rewards for gamers who participate: Fragmented Spinel (x300), Blood Mark ((x80), Spinel Medal (x4), Major Ancient Crown (x3), [Event] Danuar Relic Box (x4) and so on.


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Kumuki's Cave Returns Major Content:
In the Capital Cities you'll find Gretel the Mischievous looking for the assistance of any level 46+Daeva willing to help. She has a carriage that will send you to the Kumuki Cave where Hansel the Troublemaker is waiting to tell you how you can help.

Once inside, Hansel will inform you that the Porguses are being held in cages at the end of the cave, and you only have 15 minutes before it's dinner time! Opening the gate will transform you into a Shabby Kumuki which also grants two special abilities. You can also grab a Shabby Kumuki Transformation Scroll from the Supplies Box if you need it.

Three Abilities Help You Progress:
You'll need to use these abilities to progress through the cave in a stealthy manner avoiding the vision the Kumukis have. Also available are objects you can use to blend in so you won't be detected. If you're careless and are detected too many times, the butcher will be alerted and kill the Porguses before you get there.

Other Skills You Need to Grasp:
As you make your way through the cave, you'll need to keep an eye out for four Key Chests, which contain the keys required to save the Porguses. Also hidden in the cave is a Suspicious Box which has the key to open the Kumuki Crate at the end. For each Porgus you save you'll earn one Poppy's Gift Bundle, and an additional one if you open the Kumuki Crate.
Full Schedule of Kumuki's Cave Returns:
November 8 to November 15
November 22 to November 29
December 6 to December 13
December 20 to December 27

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