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Homewand Bound 2018: Earn Great Prizes and Prepare for the Heart of Frost Update

  • 2018-01-10 15:24:07
  • Aion Kinah US
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  • Forza Horizon 3 Credits

Ereshkigal's forces have assembled in the now-icy core of the Abyss. Gather your allies and prepare to attack – Aion: Heart of Frost is coming January 10. The Generous Laira, Luvara, and Leta are back again to assist new and returning players settling in the world, these generous Daevas are here to offer gifts to guide you along. 


Gamers, we are excited to see Heart of Frost update arriving later this day. Please make sure you have enough Aion Kinah US/Aion Kinah EU(depends on your playing servers) as you will follow to return to Aion, earning great prizes. and prepare for the event: Homeward Bound.

How To Participate Homeward Bound:
If you are newcomers in Aion, speak to Laira in the starting areas or capital cities. Instead, if you have already experienced this game, Luvara will help you get reacquainted. Both of these helpful Daevas are excited for your arrival and offer gifts to help you along in your journey. Also, once daily you will be able to obtain one [Event] Fennec Fox Daily Transformation Candy Box from Laira or Luvara.

Lucky to Get Bonus and Drop Liquid Experience:
If getting bonus experience is your thing, then you're in luck. Many of the instances new comers encounter will be offering a chance to drop various amounts of Liquid Experience. Consuming these items will instantly grant you experience towards your next level. Be sure to be on the lookout for Leta in towns as she is ready to make your life easier by teleporting you to the entrances of many instances! Every day, for levels 66+, you'll be automatically gifted with items every hour you're logged in up to four hours.

What Rewards Can Gamers Get:
1 hour    ——  [Event] Berdin's Lucky Star
2 hours   ——  Fragmented Spinel (x500)
3 hours   ——  Spinel Coin (x3)
4 hours   ——  +6 Manastone Bundle

Welcome all Daevas! Homeward Bound will end on January 31 so that you should keep your eyes on the event and make your calendar. If you have no time to kick off more details at official site, gold.raiditem will show you the latest info briefly. Meanwhile, you can buy Aion Kinah from our site to save your money and time. We excel in offering game items like Forza Horizon 3 Credits, Black Desert Silver, Revelation Online Coiins and so on. You are sure to enjoy 100% trustworthy service at gold.raiditem. Hope you win much from Homeward Bound.