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Aion Daeva Dash Event: Four Different Heroes for You to Transform

  • 2018-04-08 15:42:12
  • Aion Kinah
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Aion players, we guess you have been awarded with many beautiful gifts in previous Rainbow Snake Festival 2018. So what about receiving a totally different challenge in Daeva Dash Event? Daeva Dash is a new 3v3 race that pits Elyos against Asmodians for rewards and glory. Gogorunerk has discovered an island full of treasure and is sending all Daevas there willing to assist him in gathering it.


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How To Participate:
Levels 51+
Available twice daily and four times daily for Entry Boost Pack holders.
Once the event begins you’ll be able to find Gogorunerk waiting in Norsvold and Iluma. Speak with Gogorunerk to get his quest and learn more about a mysterious island he discovered, which he says is full of treasure. After receiving his quest you can queue for Gogonerk’s Gauntlet using the Request Entry UI at the bottom of your screen. Gogorunerk also provides a repeatable quest for Daevas level 51 or higher which provides one Greater Running Scroll (1 hour). Every five times you complete the quest, it gives a box which contains one Ornate Treasure Chest Key.

Once inside, there will be four different Heroes for you to transform in to. Each Hero will grant unique abilities to help during the race, but only one of each Hero can be picked per team.

Heroes and Their Abilities:
Shield of the Ancient Hero - allow you to persevere through the difficulties of the course
Shoes of the Ancient Hero - Avoiding traps, disappearing into fog, and dashing to victory
Trap of the Ancient Hero - let you ensnare the opposing team to stop them in their tracks
Hook of the Ancient Hero - grabbing and disabling the opposing team

Like any other event Aion has taken to you, the rewards are various and attractive. You can check out the rewards details on Aion's official community by #Daeva Dash Event Reward List. Gifts are waving to you, like Harvester's Wing Feather, Panda Power Wheels and Lucky Stigma Bundle.

Grab your most aetherletic friends, stretch those wings, and practice your jumping skills because Daeva Dash won't be here for long! Gogorunerk and his Old Teleporter will be leaving April 18! Get more guides on how to play Aion or how to buy Aion Kinah simply on gold.raiditem. If you are still for a safe place to buy other type game gold like NBA 2K18 MT, just come to trade with our professional team which is 100% trustworthy. Good luck!