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Aion: The Tower Of Eternity Will Be Updated On 25th July

  • 2018-07-09 18:39:53
  • Aion Kinah
  • Aion Kinah US

Today NC Taiwan announced that its game "AION Eternal Era" will be a new 6.0 REFLY revision on July 25th. Directly updated to the Korean version 6.2 version, and the 6.0 major revision update will be completely changed to free.


According to the official statement, if there is an unused product when the the game is changed to the free system, the refund will be returned to NCoin on the day of the 6.0 revision. If you want to buy Aion Kinah US or Aion Kinah EU, don’t hesitate to choose as your first choice. We promise trade you as soon as possible after your transaction without getting banned.

The official also announced the "Red Libra Chain Goldsmith" event. The Guardian of the 75th level on the day of the revision will receive growth support items, and various bonus items will be provided according to the reinforcement and awakening stages of the equipment.

The detailed revision has not been announced yet. Please pay attention to the follow-up reports for the latest news. still provide you the latest information and cheap Aion Kinah

At the same time, the Refly Commemorative Special Edition --- Refly Guardian Starter Pack is also available. In addition to the value-added items such as the small legion contract, you can also add "Special Free Time Items" to allow players to swim until the 6.0 revision of 25th July.

Let’s look forward to the release of the free version together. In order to welcome the arrival of the new version, has prepared a huge stock supply for Aion Kinah US and Aion Kinah EU, and the stock is shown on our page. Hence if you don’t know where is the best place to buy Aion Kinah, join millions of buyers to enjoy the game with a better experience!