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  • 2017-12-12 16:16:03
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Albion Online gold can be used to buy a premium status for your character, which will give you additional silver yield and fame gain, and possibly some other small perks.


 Actually there are many roles of albion online gold. Gold is the premium currency of the game, gold can be bought for real money, Gold can be freely traded with other players. If you happen to need to buy Albion Online Gold, you can buy it on The following 6 tips can help you get more Albion Online gold .

Tip1: Do your daily expedition!

30 silver a kill in group expeditions!

3k silver daily

3k completion(Repeatable!)
You can get 7.5K silver every day!

Tip2: Rush your farm/island!

Sell starter gold to gain the silver needed quickly.

Tip3: Invest in gold early game!

Safe investment

Cheap gold = Cheap premium status

Tip4: Buy albion gold & sliver!

Choose a safe shopping store

Compare prices, services, Security and deliver. Exactly, is such a website, providing fast, safe, good and cheap albion online gold

Tip5: Grind materials!

Pick base town.

Find what material the zones around your town has.

Focus on the materials plentiful around your town.

Tip6: Play the market!
Travel to a few different towns.

Take notes on the price of a variety of items. You should especially browse, here you will find albion Online gold that you need. Because our site was

highly praised by the players, and in the near future you will be one of them.