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Albion Online Guide For Guild Spotlights: Guild Not Found - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-27 15:28:47
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The first focus of the Albion Online Revival Guild Spotlight series is Guild Not Found, Albion's foremost Italian-speaking guild. Today, gold.raiditem will lead everyone to learn this important guild - Guild Not Found.


Guild Not Found, Albion Online's largest Italian guild, was formed in September 2017 in an attempt to unite the Italian community that was scattered throughout the server at that time. Currently, they are one of the oldest guilds in the POE alliance apart from Crimson Imperium Reborn and Infinite. You must be curious about this guild, now the most reliable and professional cheap Albion Online silver seller gold.raiditem will introduce the Guild Not Found to you. Thank you for your patience.

Where is your guild primarily located? What regions in Albion do you focus on?

We have a town plot located in Saddle Pound with few territories near it, although we focus pretty much on Cumbria where our alliance is mostly located. We are lucky that our territories are pretty near to the zones we fight for, so most of the time it's a pretty fast trip.

Do you have any particular rivalries or ongoing quarrels with other guilds?

Not in particular. We tend to have some "heat" chat with other little Italian communities that are playing, but it's a "normal" grudge, nothing special. As members of the POE alliance, we fight very often against ALONE (now POWER), so if I had to choose a "nemesis", it could be that alliance. Gold.raiditem offered huge Albion Online silver in full stock to ensure a fast delivery in 10 min. Also the price is far more cheaper than market.

What were some of your most memorable battles/activities?

For sure it was during the second reset in January 2018, where we saw battle mounts in action for the first time. It was a period where those mounts were really powerful and could turn the tide of a fight alone. We were a flanking group for the main zerg of the alliance and SUN were trying to capture a territory in the southern part of Cumbria. We did a perfect flank while SUN was in the territory and we managed to charge through their line, while our guys conquered their fear of being killed by a battle mount to achieve a perfect engage. Unluckily the mount managed to run away, but we still won the fight.

What does your guild do for fun?

As I said before, we do everything in this game. We don't have any one activity we focus on, so we can try everything this game has to offer. One day we might gank with "dank" builds, another day we'll go dungeon diving, another day we'll fame farm in dungeons all together, and so on. is the best website with more than 10 years experience for MMO game business, and we have already obtained good reputation from thousands of customers. Now gold.raiditem is definitely your top choice for buying Albion Online Gold.

What is your guild's approach to the game? Do you have any sort of overarching philosophy?

The only thing we ask is that our members play WITH the guild. Play together, have fun together. It's a game, so the main objective is to have fun. Sometimes you have to do activities you don't like, but doing these with the guild makes it less painful. Sometimes you have a hard day at work, so you just log in and chill with your friends in the guild. We offer a lot of content for those who join us because we want our members to be happy with us - nothing more, nothing less.

Guild Spotlights is a series intended to introduce Albion's numerous guilds to the community at large. If you'd like your guild to be featured, please message PrintsKaspian or Evoque via the forums. More inforamation and news you can learn from gold.raiditem, here you can also buy Albion Online silver with cheap price and fast delivery.