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Enjoy Game Time With These Professional Albion Online Tips

  • 2017-09-25 11:49:38
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Have a expedition NPC at the start of the dungeon that can repair items for you if you die, making it so you don't have to abandon to repair damaged gear and have to wait 15 mins, tanks will love you. And without doubt you can play the game well with Albion Online Silver.
Shortcut systems, no one likes walking the same dungeon over and over again, shortcuts after bosses or major points in the dungeon would be greatly appreciated as wiping one or two times at say the last boss makes walking back a chore that no one wants to do, even one at the halfway point will greatly reduce wasted time just walking after you die.
Stronger roll assignment, forcing players to assume a roll based on gear can be very annoying if you say want to wear plate but still be rolled as a dps, or being force to roll as a dps if you're a tank who wears leather.
Stronger group roll matching, playing in a group of two healers and a support or 5 dps and no tank or healer can be very annoying and forces you to abandon and wait out for a new group and wait another 15-20 min wait while you do.
Redesigning some boss mechanics, some bosses do way too much damage at t5, leaving very little room for error and killing players in a few seconds, such as the ghoul boss in the t5 sewer area, spews bile out in a cone back and forth, since the activation is so fast and the damage is so high it leaves tanks in a very poor place if they happen to use a melee combat skill right as he does it so you cant move as you have a fraction of a second to react when you see it coming, a little more time on the cast would be good, damage is fine.
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