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New Races Dwarves & Warborn Join ArcheAge World on July 18-

  • 2018-07-17 15:15:40
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According to ArcheAge official website, the new reign phase will begin on July 18. This is the first step of a fresh start. There are lots of new features to expect, but the most exciting new features are the new races- Dwarves & Warborn. You can learn the basic information in this article.


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Dwarves are short of both stature and temper, most of them have little time to waste on niceties. Industry is the watchword of their people, and, as a result, they have managed to become Erenor's technological powerhouse thanks to the might of their deadly war machines. 

As master artificers, the Dwarves possess an enhanced machinery crafting speed. In addition, they are able to call forth their mechanized battlesuits- the Juggernaut, and increase their combat abilities. With the Dwarves comes the Airain Rock and Aubre Cradle zones- housing and all.


The Warborn were unleashed upon this world as bloodthirsty beasts. Beneath the rage and fury, however, lurked captured souls, wielded like weapons against their will. Now they seek to redeem the sins of their past. 

Hale and hearty, the Warborn move faster while carrying a trade pack. In addition, by calling on their tainted blood, they are able to improve their combat abilities by transforming into a monstrous Ravager. Swing by Sunbite Wilds and consider owning some of this newly available property!

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