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Celestial Storm Crate Hits ArcheAge In Autumn -

  • 2018-09-29 15:15:08
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Floating in the fresh autumn wind, Celestial Storm Crate came to ArcheAge to celebrate the season. Now, return to the main event. Will you ride your own Pegasus soon? Pray for the fate and take a good look at you!


The Celestial Storm box is full of precious and unusual items, but none of them are as rare as the elusive Stormwing. According to, you can also spend a lot of ArcheAge Gold to get the Celestial Storm Crate. So we recommend that you better prepare in advance. is the best ArcheAge Gold seller, you don't need to register to buy here.

Celestial Storm Crate (Fresh/Legacy) 450 Credits

This crate offers a rare chance at the Wrapped Celestial Pegasus or Wrapped Stormwing Pegasus

Players on Legacy servers may also buy the elegant mounts directly, for Loyalty!

Autumn Costume Flair

Need a change of wardrobe? ArcheAge present the Haranya Costume Package, featuring the Werefox Robe, Alabaster Perinoor Silks and Midnight Perinor Cottons, all for 4,000 Credits, on both Legacy and Fresh. If you want to buy ArcheAge Gold, Gold.Raiditem is definitely your top option!

Tiny Treadure Event - Sept 26 - Oct 10, 2018

Remember that it’s also time for the 4th Anniversary Tiny Treasure Taffy event! Any player may gain a Tiny Treasure Taffy 3 times per day, per account. Remember not to hoard them, because they have a 24-hour expiration timer - use that Taffy when it’s fresh!

Each Tiny Treasure Taffy offers three options:

Increases loot drop rate by 80%, lasts 30 minutes

Increases loot drop rate by 50%, lasts 60 minutes

Increases loot drop rate by 30%, lasts 120 minutes

This item will stack with the Lucky Elixirs.

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