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ArcheAge expansion Erenor Eternal Live Now

  • 2017-06-08 18:19:21
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Attention Here! ArcheAge expansion Erenor Eternal comes today. It is a huge content expansion featured overhauled systems as well as new locations for players to explore. This post can tell you more details about this expansion. Besides that, 100% safe and cheap ArcheAge Gold also available at gold.raiditem.


Erenor Eternal includes Ancestral Skills, a new way for max-level characters to progress their characters. In addition, the new open world battlegrounds of Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island zones are being added with tons of new content to explore. Anyway, ArcheAge Gold can help you move further in ArcheAge.

And the new zones include Whaleswell Strait, Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor. Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor are home to two new open world battlegrounds that will offer players a radically new gameplay experience. Each provides players with new quests to follow, leveling areas and even a new housing location for lucky landowners.  

Aegis Island is a snowy location that gives end-game players a place to level. The goal here is for all four factions to participate by fighting waves of mobs and pushing them away from a centrally located tower. Whalesong Harbor is also the home to a new housing zone. It can fit about 200 medium-sized houses. Both Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor give players a chance to add to and level their Ancestral Skills as well as be able to collect crafting materials for the Erenor gear and wing illusion.

Actually, crafting is being simplified in all the right ways in Erenor Eternal. Crafting process for the core has changed most notably through simplified tiers in the middle tiers in particular. The new Erenor tier of crafted gear allows players to continue advancing existing Divine grade Ayanad weapons, armor, and accessories. With Erenor Eternal, Trade System has been totally overhauled and streamlined. When a player creates a trade pack, they can drop it off at any one of three locations where the outlet keeps track of how many have been brought in.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy game time in the new expansion. Remember to pay close attention to gold.raiditem for the latest ArcheAge news and useful game guides. In addition, buy ArcheAge Gold here must be your best choice. We offer full stock of ArcheAge Gold with a lower price. BUY NOW!