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ArcheAge Gold Tips & Tricks You Should Know

  • 2017-04-10 16:03:05
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You must know the importance of gold in MMORPG games as an experienced player. Want to buy 100% safe and cheap MMORPG gold such as ArcheAge Gold? Gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice. Besides that, you can also get gold by completing tasks. Read the following contents to know some guides of getting gold in ArcheAge.


It is important to get familiar with the trading system if you want to get money fast and stay ahead of the curb. Trade runs involve taking a trading pack and transporting it across the world. You need to pay 50 silver for a merchant certificate. And it is necessary to buy ArcheAge Gold if you want to play the game better. 

Some player thinks it is safe to deliver the pack in Freedom Island. However, it is in a constant state of war and covered in pirates. Actually, you’d better deliver goods when you find a good crew to roll with because the risk is minimized. 

You can also get gold by investing labor. And the more labor you invest the more gold you can get. Regardless of how much time you have to spend you cannot “create” more gold if you do not have any labor left. This does not mean you cannot get Gold without labor but it means the act of creation – making Gold out of Air – is not possible in ArcheAge.  

If your pocket is empty you have to invest more time and more labor to have the same reward as a player who is also investing Gold for his reward. If you have lots of free time and you have already a high amount of Gold you could simply say you are labor capped. This means nothing else but to find the most efficient way for you to convert labor into gold.

All in all, hope these tips and tricks could help you play better in ArcheAge. We will keep on updating more useful guides of this amazing game. BTW, don’t be hesitated to buy ArcheAge Gold with 5min delivery at gold.raiditem. Anyway, hope you can enjoy your game time!