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Gold.raiditem:How To Earn ArcheAge Gold with Trade Runs

  • 2018-01-12 17:27:04
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No matter you are a newbie or veteran player in ArcheAge, you must know the importance of ArcheAge Gold. Thus, what I want to tell you for today are some ArcheAge guides of how to earn gold with trade runs.


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Trade packs and trade are accessible to players starting from level 30. This craft will delight all those who wish to live as merchants, taking specialties from one region to another for highest possible profit. If your idea of “winning” in ArcheAge is finishing your days in one of your numerous secondary residences with the best decors and items, you will have to get started with trade runs or another.

The best part is that you do not need the Patron status to do trade runs, and can get started as soon as you reach the required level. If you already know about the trade runs mechanics and the quest to get your donkey, simply skip to the Trade Routes part of this article for the best trade packs.

The are two distinct parts to a trade run. The first is to create a trade pack. The can be standard or advanced specialty packs created at the regions workbench (screenshot below), or aged packs that you will create on your farm, among others.

This second will require you (or someone else) traveling and taking the trade pack to other regions for Gold (on the same continent) or resources and Gilda Stars (on other continents). If you are still new to the game and trade runs, you might want to focus on doing Gold trade runs on your own continent as these take less time and greatly reduce the risks of getting attacked.

Upon reaching level 30, you will unlock a quest in Tigerspine that will introduce you to trade runs and even give you a donkey to make your travels easier (and later along the questline reward you with a 16x16 scarecrow farm). This quest will require you to make a Tigerspine Tigerspaw Pancakes, created with ground grains and milk, and deliver it to Mahadevi. Once that is done and you get your first donkey, it'll be time to start considering trade routes.

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