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Helpful ArcheAge Game Raiders For Support

  • 2018-06-21 18:01:45
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In order to survive in the powerful artillery of the monster's own hostile player, a human shield in front of the tank is absolutely necessary. Of course, a mentor who can help people continue to treat them behind the scenes is also indispensable.


There were 120 classes in the ArcheAge. If your talents can be choose to swim or live, you can almost use them as a support. Today have compiled some of the latest information for you, and we would like to take a look at some of the most popular roles and how to collaborate with them. ArcheAge Gold is now for sale in our sites, if you want to improve your fighting ability in the game, it is also a good choice to purchase some ArcheAge Gold from our website to buy good equipment.

God's Messenger

The first thing to be introduced is the “God of the Gods” who claims to be the most popular career in “Earth Century” and who do not need to worry about going without a team. It is composed of three talents - Vitalism, Auramancy and Songcraft. It not only has sufficient milk, but also has a rich BUFF type. It is a very popular occupation.

Guard of Light

It is a "guard of light" with a candid nature and consists of three talents - Vitalism, Defense and Auramancy. If this is the main orientation of the mentoring equipment, the amount of milk will be more than the time of the tank, and in the face of Dagual, they can use the shield to haunt them and then run away.

Dream Prophet

Dream language prophecy is a support with the performance of control field. It consists of three talents - Vitalism, Auramancy and Witchcraft. In addition to the anomalous class control fields such as “hypnosis” and “panic screech”, the “Dave Tower's breath” that can directly blow people away was also added. The life-saving ability is much stronger than that of the general makeup teacher.

The Sage 

The sage is an auxiliary class that does not exist for most of the time. It consists of three talents - Vitalism, Songcraft and Sorcery. It belongs to the type of BUFF machine. Although he can provide a lot of BUFF, his healing ability and life-saving ability are weak, and he does not have much control skills.

Soul Worshiper

The soul-cultivators are the most combative and consist of three talents - Vitalism, Shadowplay and Auramancy. Although there are not many blood-boosting skills for it, the numerous assassination talents of the displacement class make its action very flexible. It is very practical in some situations where PVP is needed in the field, and it can be considered as an assassin horn with the ability to supplement blood.

In addition to the above occupations, there are also many weird occupations that can temporarily assume the burden of blood. Interested players may wish to try their own ways to develop new games! 

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