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Buy Aura Kingdom Gold and Learn Boss Killing Skills at Gold.raiditem

  • 2017-12-21 16:11:27
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Aura Kingdom is an anime-inspired 3D fantasy MMORPG where players form pacts with powerful spirits called Eidolons. Set in the verdant world of Azuria, Aura Kingdom is a bright, beautiful game that offers plenty of class and skill options.


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Brief Overview For Auro Kingdom Playing:
Experience fast-paced action, epic combo attacks, and powerful magical spells in Aura Kingdom, a hack and slash MMORPG from Aeria Games. Journey to Azuria, a world on the brink of war between the forces of light and dark. Choose from 12 different character classes and join the fight as an Envoy of Gaia to defend the realm against powerful forces that seek to destroy it. Summon powerful spirit companions, called Eidolons, to aid you in your quest to defeat the dark knight Reindhart and his army of demons.

Aura Kingdom Core Features You Should Note:
-  Sleek Anime Visuals: gorgeous anime inspired visuals that look stunning.
-  Pet System: in-depth pet system, called Eidolons, which actually help players in battle. Aura Kingdom also features an excellent variety of mounts.
-  Gliding System: traverse the world of Azuria quickly with the game's glide system. Players can glide through the air starting at early levels.

Major Characters Involved in Game:
First on the battlefield and the last to leave, Guardians work tirelessly to ensure victory through superior tactics. Their sword and shield combo gives them a balanced offense and defense, enabling them to outlast enemies while waiting for the perfect opening.

Speeding like a meteor across the sky, Duelists rush enemies with their razor-sharp dual blades before they have a chance to react Close-range specialists, these fleet-footed fighters combine acrobatics and a touch of magic to disorient and wear down even the strongest foes.

Each swing of a Ravager's massive axe delivers a payload of pain, and often collateral damage to any unfortunate enough to be standing too close.

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