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False Idols Arrive Blade & Soul World on July 25-

  • 2018-07-13 14:38:34
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Blade and Soul officially announced that the new expansion called False Idols will be released on July 25. With this update, two new raids and many other changes will give players a big surprise. You can have a preview about new expansion today.


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Hall of the Keeper & Hall of the Templar

The new raids are called Hall of the Keeper and Hall of the Templar. They are extremely dangerous and ruthless. Though these two raid bosses are not as formidable as their Nightfall

 Sanctuary counterparts, they are not to be taken lightly. Here are some information you need to know about these two raids.

- 12-Player Raids

- Recommended for Level 55 – HM 12

- Reset every Wednesday at 6:00am server time

- Players will need to have finished The Emperor's Tomb – Chapter 5: Stealing the Light

- Associated Quests: Idol Threats, Breaking the Barrier Keeper, Templar of Doom

Fortune Falls In-game Event

Challenging the Hopped Up Giganura in Fortune Falls, and fishing up some surprises in Jadestone Village in the Fortune Falls Event; giving players a chance to upgrade their Fleeting Pet Aura to exchange for rewards, including a permanent Awakened Hongmoon Pet Aura!

In addition, players can exchange higher stages of Pet Aura to earn better rewards such as the Star Power Costume, and much more!

Premium Membership Benefits

Additional Premium Membership benefits are incoming! You can get free monthly items to customize your character, tailor your costumes, mail outfits to your alternate characters, and improved Login Rewards!

All details mentioned above are just part of False Idols. More information will be released later. Gold.raiditem will share the latest information with you. Also, if you have any problem in game such as lack of BNS gold, you can always seek help from us. We’d be very glad to help.