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Curious About False Idols New Features? Learn Them on

  • 2018-07-20 14:05:33
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Blade and Soul previously announced that new expansion False Idols will be launched on July 25. Today, we can finally know the details of all the new features players have been expected for a long time. These new features will absolutely surprise you.


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Here is a list of all new features and changes inside False Idols. Check them out below.

Merchant of Wonders in Hard Difficulty Dungeons

Completing the following dungeons in Hard Difficulty will now have a chance to spawn the Merchant of Wonders who sells a variety of items and cosmetics at low prices, the dungeons include:  Naryu Sanctum/ Irontech Forge/ Ebondrake Lair/ Starstone Mines/ Hollow’s Heart/ Drowning Deeps/ Ransacked Treasury/ Sandstorm Temple

Daily and Weekly Challenge Rewards

The Daily Challenge Reward Chest now always contains 5 Gold. The amount of tradable upgrade materials in the Daily Challenge Treasure Chest will be increased and the amount of tradable upgrade materials in the Weekly Challenge Treasure Chest will be decreased.


New Battleground changes aim to encourage fair play, and reevaluating how players are impacted if they’ve been disconnected. 

- If you leave a 1v1 Duel Match or 3v3 Tag Match before the match is completed you will be unable to queue for 5 minutes. If you leave another shortly after, you will be unable to queue for 30 minutes.

- If you leave a 6v6 Battleground before it's completed you will be unable to queue for 10 minutes. If you leave another shortly after, you will be unable to queue for 60 minutes.

- You no longer lose 20 Rating for disconnecting from a 6v6 Battleground. Instead, disconnecting from a 6v6 Battleground now counts as a loss and you will lose Rating as if you lost; however, if you reconnect you are no longer subject to the automatic loss.

- Adjusted ratings gain/loss when a player disconnects from a Battleground.

- Players who AFK during Battlegrounds will no longer receive Battle Point, XP, Quest Credit, or Achievement Credit.

Soulstone Plains Rewards

Soulstones have been decreasing in value on the Marketplace. Those looking to farm and sell Soulstones will see a reduction in their materials, while those looking to farm upgrades for themselves will receive the same amount of materials, just with a higher amount received as Account Bound Soulstone Crystals.

Replaced Skypetal Soulstone Bundle, Pouch, and Chest that can be purchased from Soulstone Plains with new versions that reward a higher ratio of Soulstone Crystals to Soulstones. The total number of rewarded materials is the same.

Raid Boss Loot

- Raven King in Skybreak Spire now always drops a Sealed Raven King's Ferocity/Energy/Animus and has a chance to drop an unsealed Raven King's Ferocity/Energy/Animus.

- Hive Queen in Temple of Eluvium now has an equal chance to drop sealed or unsealed Hive Queen's Rancor/Barb/Husk.

- Scorptamaton in Nightfall Sanctuary now drops Lightstealer’s Armor/Aura/Wing.

Pet Aura

Pet Auras can now be upgraded to Unleashed Alpha Pet Aura. Reduced upgrade costs for all existing Pet Auras. You can now seal Unleashed Hongmoon Pet Aura and Unleashed Ultimate Pet Aura.

Divine Grace Stone

Divine Grace Stone is now Bound to Account and costs 3 Gold to mail.  Scion's Keep now drops 2 guaranteed Divine Grace Stone with a chance at a Sealed Divine Grace Stone. The overall average acquisition rate of Divine Grace Stones is unchanged.

Legendary Accessories

Reduced the cost for Stage 1 Draken Accessories and Dragon/Tiger Bracelet Chest from 200 Draken Core to 100 Draken Core and removed achievement requirements.

Reduced the cost for Hellion Accessories and Quickgrip Gloves from 250 Hellion Core to 200 Hellion Core and reduced achievement requirements from 100 kills to 10 kills.

Celestial Basin

You can now purchase Eminence XP Charm which grants 1 million XP for 3000 Celestial Peach. Eminence XP Charm can only be used by characters that are Level 55 Hongmoon Level 1-12.

Dragon Express Premium Membership Tab

Grand Celestial Soul Shield – Chest 1 through 8 are now available from the Premium Membership tab in Dragon Express. Chests 3-8 require certain achievements to purchase.


- Celestial Heart can now be upgraded to Ultimate Hongmoon Heart.

- Brilliant Soul Sealing Charm has been renamed to Brilliant Sealing Charm and can now also seal certain stages of Pet Aura.

- Reduced the amount of Empyrean Spirit Stone needed to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon to Riftwalk, Dawnforged, or Raven Weapon from 5 to 1.

- Reduced the amount of Empyrean Spirit Stone needed to upgrade Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon from 5 to 2.

These new changes and items will make False Idols the best expansion ever. assure you that you can absolutely have fun in new expansion. While waiting for the new expansion, you can enjoy the current version and farm BNS gold for the upcoming new items. It would be better to get prepared in advance. You are very welcomed to contact us at any time you meet challenges.