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Blade and Soul Gold Quickly Farming Guide -

  • 2018-09-06 15:29:42
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If you have already entered Blade and Soul, then you will find that gold income is very important. With enough Blade and Soul Gold, you can buy lots of valuable materials and items, upgrade your weapons and save you a lot of time. For many beginners, growing gold is their goal. Today, gold.raiditem wants to share with you several ways to grow gold quickly.


The importance of gold is known to all Blade and Soul players. Blade and Soul Gold not only saves you a lot of grinding time, but also allows you to purchase valuable materials and items. But remember, there is no need to make your own blade and soul. You can also consider buying from well-known stores such as gold.raiditem. So far, gold.raiditem is the best store for price, reliability, delivery speed and customer recommendation.


Running dungeons is where much of your income will come from. With the right progression, it is not very difficult to reach level 45. Therefore, it is improbable that you will need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach 45. You can start to devote time to farming for gold once you start to plateau at the higher levels.

Daily Quests

The daily quests are the main source for gold. For sellable gold and materials, there are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day. This process can go more quickly if you have a class that has good AoE skills and damage. Pull the mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then take them all out at once. Gold.raiditem is the best place to buy Blade and Soul Gold cheap and fast.


In the early game, players need pottery materials for their big Windstride quest. Later on, the refiners and bowls are important for people crafting evolution stones. The best end-game profession is the evolution stone guild. These are highly in demand for top-level players that has done through blade and soul leveling, and the Blade&Soul Soul Shield crafts are also very popular because players use them for fusing. The best combination is the pottery guild and the evolution stone guild.

Auction House

In this process, the auction house will be significant. Selling the crafts and materials you found in dungeons will involve the auction house. Blade and Soul starts off rapid until level 45 and then slows down to a grind thereafter. Further on, selling things of your own and buying more and more materials will require the use of the auction house.

Choose Reliable Store To Buy BNS Gold

The importance of gold in the game is growing, because players need a lot of BNS Gold and materials. If you don't want to waste money on grinding gold in the game, gold.raiditem will be the best choice for you to get gold quickly and easily. We are a top class site specializing in Blade and Soul Gold. And we obtain gold reputataion from many palyers in the past years. We always try our best to keep the BNS Gold price steady and a lower level for you!

The above is the guides for several fast-growing BNS Golds offered by gold.raiditem. We hope these guides can help you to play Blade and Soul better. If you don't have enough time to farm Blade and Soul Gold, welcome to gold.raiditem to buy BNS Gold at the most reasonable price and fastest delivery. Happy Gaming!