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Preview of Warden's Fury Class on

  • 2018-09-11 11:01:32
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BNS new expansion Warden's Fury is going to be released on September 12. Previously we shared all details of this incredible expansion. You can have an overall image of what new features will appear in BNS inn that article. And today, we are going to talk about the class in Warden's Fury.

article want to tell you the class in Warden's Fury in order to help you understand the mechanism of this whole new expansion. Thus, you can complete it more easily. Besides, it's a wise choice to buy BNS gold in advance on our website for upgrading. There must be numerous challenges in this quest, get prepared previously can definitely help you complete these challenges.


1 Frenzy Stance- When a Warden enters their menacing Frenzy Stance, they will sacrifice their health in order to unleash increased damage and their formidable power upon any who stand in their way.

2 Sentry Stance- When a Warden enters their enlightened Sentry Stance their movement speed and defense is increased, and several abilities become available that deliver a mighty blow, neutralizing their enemies. In addition, if you upgrade Warden with Blade and Soul gold, you will find out that they are even more powerful.   

3 Soul Flare- Soul Flare is a powerful enhancement that recovers health, increases critical damage, and awakens powerful skills for the Warden and their allies.

Highlighted Skills

1 Resilience- All Wardens are equipped with a regenerating shield that protects their health until the shield has depleted.

2 Blood Rage- Lightning Wardens attack to build Blood Rage. When overcome with Blood Rage they enter Frenzy Stance, foregoing defense and swinging wildly for increased damage.

3 Sunspark- Frost Wardens channel the power of the sun and moon to enhance their skills. After acquiring three Sunsparks, they're able to enter Sentry Stance.

In this expansion, only Gon and Jin are available. If you don't know how to use these two races, then you should start training them now. This is your chance to unleash your fury and become the Warden. Therefore, hope you can have fun in this new journey. By the way, there are always huge cheap BNS gold for sale on our website. Please feel free to seek help from us when you need gold to enhance yourself.