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Halloween Special Events Hit BNS on October 17-

  • 2018-10-11 11:10:06
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Halloween is upcoming! In order to celebrate it, BNS hold some special events for all players in game. Of course you can get huge rewards if you join the events. As Halloween looms ever closer, the time to defeat eerie enemies and earn delightful rewards has arrived! Today, you can learn all details of these wonderful events in this article.

article make a list of these special events for you. Thus you can have a preview of the challenges you might meet when take part in the events. Besides, if you need toenhance yourself, you can buy Blade and Soul Gold on our website to prepare yourself in advance. Now, let's check the details out.

Blade & Ghoul

Event Duration: October 17–November 7

Reward Redemption Period: November 7–December 5

Those who are level 50 and above, are encouraged to make their way to the Zaiwei Ruins to defeat the hideous monsters, and nightmares that haunt it.Some of the inhabitants have changed into spooky attire in celebration, and the frightful horrors that walk the land have some sweet, sweet goodies to reward your bravery. In addition, to help everyone level up and get into the holiday spirit, everyone will receive the Warrior's Odyssey buff which increases combat experience by 50%.

Tokens for Tricks

Event tokens abound if you know where to look—happy haunting!

- Completing the Daily Challenge awards you 2 Killer Coin event tokens.

- Completing Daily Quests in Zaiwei Ruins awards you 1 Haunted Haul—a reward chest which contains 1 Killer Coin event token, 1–2 Thriller Coin event tokens, and more! For your information, huge cheap BNS gold for sale on all time. Visit our site at any time when you are in need. 

Ghoulish bosses are out to haunt, but taking them out provides excellent rewards!

- Killing Pyrefist, Spectral Scorpion Demon, or Murkwing Lord will provide a Sinister Swag Chest which has a small chance to provide 1 Thriller Coin token, and some additional rewards.

- Killing Tarakhan provides Tarakhan's Candy Crate which has a small chance to provide 3-5 Thriller Coin event tokens, as well as some additional rewards.

- Killing Visasa provides Visasa's Box O' Treats or Visasa's Box O' Tricks based on damage contribution. Both have a chance to provide a Killer Coin event token and Thriller Coin event token, as well as some additional rewards including a chance at the Chow Pal backpack and the Noblesse costume!

- Killing NPCs in Zaiwei Ruins also have a very small chance to drop a Thriller Coin event token.

Don't you think these events are attractive and exciting? Prepare yourself and join these events when they are available. will offer you help when you meet any challenge. We have huge BNS gold in stock at any time. Please feel free to seek help from us. We'd be very honored to hear from you.