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Blade & Soul Guides: How To Dominate The Earthen Realm

  • 2017-06-26 18:17:35
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As a veteran Blade and Soul player, you must know the importance of Blade and Soul Gold. And gold.raiditem must be your best choice to buy BNS Gold. BTW, useful blade and soul game guides also available here. Today, I want to share you some guides of how to dominate the earthen realm.


Picking a race and class
One of the biggest quandaries that faces gamers as they take on any new MMO is choosing their character's race and class. Knowing which races and skillsets are predestined to dominate in an unbalanced game is essential once you hit endgame, while going with one set of skills over another often locks out fun and interesting options further down the line. And Blade and Soul Gold must be helpful in playing Blade and Soul.

View your skill tree in icon mode
A simple tip but one which will ease you into the complexities of this MMO, is shifting the viewing mode of your skills screen. By tapping ‘K’ you can bring up your character's skill tree, which by default is an agonisingly lengthy list that's guaranteed to scare off any newcomers. Just look over to the top right side of the box and select the icon layout for an infinitely more approachable view of your character's skills and progression.

Learn to be thrifty with coins
No matter how cool the piece of loot you're looking to sell is, most items in Blade & Soul can only be sold for a single bronze coin. Bear in mind that the cost of purchasing basic items like food from vendors is often a hundred times that and the importance of keeping hold of those coins speaks for itself.

With such lean pickings, the best places for buying are in most circumstances the dungeon specific loot auctions and the marketplace. The high cost of upgrades as you reach the endgame makes saving coins early on a necessity.

Engage with all pop-up content
Daily Dashes and in-game surveys will reward you with free items. There's not an MMO player in the world who doesn't love the notion of free items, and early on you'll get plenty of opportunities to get just that. Taking part in Blade & Soul's Daily Dashes and answering NCSoft surveys when they appear is a quick, easy way to net some extra coins, expensive healing items, keys and Unsealing Charms.

Whatever, hope you can enjoy your game time with these guides. And keep your eyes here for more useful tips and cheats. BTW, you can also get 100% safe and cheap BNS Gold here. Big bonus waiting for you!