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What Things You Should Notice in Blade and Soul

  • 2017-07-12 15:49:20
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Don't Waste Keys and Unsealing Charms
You can use decent weaponry and soul shields at your earliest convenience with complimentary keys and unsealing charms at the beginning of the game. Each key and charm can only be used a specific number of times. It is in your best interest to save these for later. After you obtain your first soul-shield and have maxed out your first weapons, both of which will likely occur very early in the game, do not bother unsealing any obtained weapons or unlocking any chests. And you can buy BNS gold for any unwanted items. 

Go for Achievements
In Blade & Soul, there is an extensive list of achievements. Some can be gotten for something as simple as taking a screenshot. Some can only be gotten in the endgame. However, they are all worth getting. Achievements in this game give you stat bonuses that can help players, especially ones in the early stages of the game. Check the list and see which ones you can get quickly. Though keep in mind that these stats will be nullified in the PvP arena.

When you first get unwanted weapons and soul shield pieces, you might be tempted to sell them on the spot. However, given that every item within the first few locations nets one copper apiece, it can be incredibly time-consuming. So instead, click on the item and choose the little icon that allows you to salvage it.

Salvaging weapons, soul shields, and accessories gives you the chance to get the transmutation powders. You can use these in the Transmute screen to create valuable items, such as pouches and chests which will give you random items. Also, the junk pieces that you get from salvaging are worth more in the shop than the weapons themselves, so the player benefits either way.

Hope you can enjoy game time with these BNS guides. And keep your eyes here for the latest BNS news and useful tips. In addition, don't miss gold.raiditem if you need Blade and Soul Gold. We guarantee 100% cheap price and safe delivery. BUY NOW!