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Blade and Soul May Embrace Its Spring after WeGame Planning

  • 2017-04-18 18:48:35
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On April 14, the most potential technology company released its counting down the page of WeGame. As a professional game service supplier, has always kept a close eye on the development of tendency of mobile games. As we all know, Tencent is the game agency of Blade and Soul, and has created a pleasant game platform for the game players. So far, numerous customers buy Blade and Soul Gold from our website to star their mysterious journey.


But what does the pronunciation of relaunching game platform by Tencent mean to Blade and Soul? To find out whether the program will affect the game’s operation in the future, there should be more attention paid to the Tencent’s strategy tactics related to game distribution.The official page of shows that players like to buy BNS Gold here and the rate of repaying is obviously high, which at least indirectly indicates that Tencent puts its heart into the operation of Blade and Soul and hopes to win the cheers and vote from players.

Tencent as a game agency and publisher, has built a tight cooperation with many global developers like Riot Games, Supercell, Activision Blizzard, and Epic Games, and introduced oversea games to China, for example, Blade and Soul created by NCsoft.. For the majority of national game agencies, the games agented by Tecent are pretty popular and discussed heatedly. 

Without doubt, the latest move would seemingly position Tencent as a major competitor to Steam in the West. According to sayings from some senior developers and active players from, the platform boasts 200 million users in China alone as TGP.

The rebranding transforms that platform, which Ahmad notes already supports VR and AR games as well as tools for communication between developers and players, to the soon to be globally available service, WeGame. No matter how the other companies evaluate the move, Tencent's WeGame campaign are sure to make its game industry prosperous. And game including and Blade and Soul will embrace its spring in this background. Can’t believe it? Visit, and you will find cheap and quality-oriented BNS Gold for sale. Our order quantity and rate of users’ satisfaction tell you that this game is really wonderful?

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