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Details of Fortune Falls Event in Blade and Soul

  • 2017-07-28 09:45:21
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GOOD NEWS! Fortune Falls Event available now. And it will be held from July 26 to August 16. More details available in the following contents. And full stock of Blade and Soul Gold also available at gold.raiditem.


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Crash Ploggle parties from July 26–August 16
For years, Taigong’s Hideaway has been a tranquil oasis in the heart of the Moonwater Plains, a place where weary travelers and wounded warriors can lay down their burdens and pick up a fishing pole; letting go of worldly worries to find peace among the breathtaking waterfalls and crystalline waters. That all changed when Zulia showed up with a giant hopped up Giganura named Kegleg Jeg. The pair quickly decided the pristine pool was the perfect place for a party. They dumped enough liquor into the lake to turn the water into wine—not a refined plum wine, but a grimy lily pad and fish-feces cocktail. Now, a rancid aroma fills the air and an army of drunken Ploggles wander around picking fights and passing out, while plastered Potdogs grumble nonsense at each other. The fish are all sick or in hiding, and even the local raptors are too drunk to fly.

After seeing his precious fishing hole devolve into an ecological disaster, Taigong himself decided to leave. Now, the legendary fisher is in search of a warrior willing to break up the Ploggle party and restore peace to the hideaway that carries his name. His request comes with a sobering warning: Kegleg Jeg and his muddled crew won’t end their bender without a fight, and it’s almost impossible to wade into a lake full of liquor without getting a little wasted yourself.

Enter the Fortune Falls dungeon through Jadestone Village or via the Dungeon Lobby [F8] and defeat Kegleg Jeg and his Ploggle partiers for the thirst-quenching Ruby Cooler—a drinkable drink or turn in-able currency.

Fortune Falls isn't the only place that serves this fruity libation! You can find more refreshing Ruby Cooler's in these locations:Daily Fortune Falls Dungeon Quest, Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenge, Dawn of Khanda Vihar Dynamic Quest, Hongmoon Store.

Ruby Coolers can either be consumed to receive a powerful 30 minute buff (increases Crit by 200, Defense by 200, Health Regen by 2,000, HP by 10%, and AP by 100*) or they can be exchanged in the Dragon Express for the following notable rewards:Beach Day Set, Oceanic Weapon, Hongmoon Pentagonal Peridot, Hongmoon Square Peridot, Xanos Disc, Forging Orb, Sacred Oil, Special Hongmoon XP Charm, Mysterious Crystal.

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