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Move Further in Blade and Soul with BNS Gold & Guides at Gold.raiditem

  • 2017-09-28 17:29:31
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As one of the most popular MMORPGs, Blade and Soul has a lot of players now. And every player wants to speed up his progress faster than the others. If so, both BNS Gold and guides are necessary.


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Picking a race and class
The first thing you should do is to pick a race and class when you play Blade and Soul for the first time. Knowing which races and skillsets are predestined to dominate in an unbalanced game is essential once you hit endgame, while going with one set of skills over another often locks out fun and interesting options further down the line. Of course the skill-based combat does mean that your best class will be the one you're most adept with, so it's wise to stick with a playstyle you're familiar with from other MMOs.

Combat Basics
You need to have the enemy in front of you and within the distance necessary of your chosen attack. That might sound obvious, but when it comes to dungeon raids, enemies move around the environment a lot and the game relies on manual targeting. Apart from bosses and semi-bosses, most enemies won't have telegraphing data so you need to watch out for the attack animations of an enemy to dodge and counter properly.

When there are telegraphs, they come in the form of yellow and red zones that appear beneath the boss's feet that tell you when one of their attacks are about to come off. You'll want to avoid red zones like the plague as they are pretty much unblockable.

Fighting Wuxia Style
As an action-MMORPG Blade & Soul combines two styles of combat: reactive, situational actions and class- and skill-based actions. However, as a title which effectively bridges the gap between a fighting game and an MMO, Blade & Soul's combat is deeper and richer than anything currently available on the genre market.

Basic actions like successful blows and blocks change your hot bar, opening up entirely different options based on your position in at any stage in the fight. It's a more interactive combat system that allows mastery of the gameplay to out do stats in most situations. Additionally, there are healing classes, which means that the only way to regain control of a fight is by dealing some serious damage on your foe. In Blade & Soul, combat is very much a kill or be killed affair.

Use Unsealing Charms and keys Wisely
Don't use unsealing charms and keys for unlocking or unsealing thing until you have something worth using either item on. Early on in your Blade & Soul playthrough there won't be anything worth using these very rare items on, so you'd be wise to save them for late game items. These sealed or locked items are often worth more broken down than they are unsealed. By salvaging green and blue items you'll be able to gain more valuable components useful for fusing items.

Keep these above guides in mind and you can move further in Blade and Soul. And gold.raiditem will keep on updating many useful Blade and Soul guides and strategies for you. And buy BNS Gold at gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice. Big bonus waiting for you!