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Gold.raiditem: How to Get Hongmoon Coin for Free in Blade and Soul

  • 2018-02-26 18:56:48
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All the veteran players in Blade and soul must know how important Hongmoon coin is. Do you want to know how to get Hongmoon coins for free? The following contents can be helpful.


Hongmoon Coin is an alternative currency for Cash Shop items. It can be used the same way as NCoin in the Hongmoon Store by selecting the Hongmoon Coin tab instead, though with a more limited selection of items to buy. This currency has a slim chance of dropping from Daily Quests reward boxes. Actually, you can also use BNS Gold to change Hongmoon Coin. And if you want to buy BNS Gold, gold.raiditem can be your best choice.

By transmuting 10 Dragonstones at a cost of 10 with a Venture Token, Brilliant Venture Token or Sparkling Brilliant Venture Token, players can obtain various amounts of Hongmoon coins. A player's Premium Rank will also affect how many Hongmoon coins you might be able to transmute. Different quality transmutes into different amount of Hongmoon Coins. The higher the tier, the greater the amounts players can get at once.

You can get venture tokens by doing the daily dash or by completing higher level quests/dailies. The screenshot below highlights all the venture tokens on the daily dash. Once you have your venture coin(s) you will need to get 10 Dragonstones. These can be purchased from the premium member store found in your inventory. They cost 1 silver each.

As stated earlier, the Hongmoon coins are used in the Hongmoon store just as Ncoins are used however, you must click the second tab found on the top-right of the Hongmoon store window. See the picture below for more information.

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