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Gold.raiditem: Details of The New 12-member Raid “Koldrak's Lair ”

  • 2018-03-16 17:44:57
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BNS announced officially Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood would unleash an immense raid boss that would set the world ablaze! Besides that, the official site also released more details of the new 12-member raid “Koldrak's Lair ”.


The brief introduction of the new raid comes firstly. According to the official announcement, we can know Koldrak was born from flames as a sacred beast. Gold.raiditem can also share more information with you. Besides that, the full stock of BNS gold also available here.

Here are some parts of the original post from the official site:

At specific times each day, the Koldrak's Lair queue will open for 10 minutes. You can enter the queue by clicking the new Koldrak icon at the bottom of your menu bar. Once you've been matched with your raid, the raid will enter a 50 minute fight against Koldrak. You'll be able to challenge Koldrak during every open window, regardless if you've defeated him previously in the day; meaning you can defeat Koldrak up to 5 times per day. Be sure to pick up the daily quest “The Dragon's Lair” once inside, which (as the name implies) you'll only be able to be complete once per day.

Once you enter the preparation area of Koldrak's Lair, you'll have the opportunity to repair your weapon and grab the daily quest. After the ten minute queue period has ended, the ice that's blocking the entrance will crumble, and you may enter the cavern where Koldrak lies in wait—you'll then have 50 minutes to defeat him before being removed from the raid.

When fighting Koldrak, be aware that his tail hides a deadly claw beneath the surface of the lava, so you'll need to be quick to avoid his sweeping attacks. As the ice melts during the fight you'll need to avoid falling icicles, but wherever they've crashed into the ground they'll leave a shard you can pick up, which grants a stack of the “Snowflake” buff, granting a powerful stat increase. Upon reaching ten stacks of Snowflake it'll transform into an even more powerful buff named Ice Flower, and your Snowflake stacks will be reset to zero; Ice Flower caps out at five stacks. Grabbing ice shards and building up your Snowflake and Ice Flower buffs will be critical to your success.

Koldrak will test all warriors in the cavern with the new Quick Time Events mechanic. At various times throughout the fight you'll be prompted to react to attacks Koldrak unleashes by following the on screen prompts to push back the fire.

If at any time during the fight you die, you'll be able to resurrect on the ledge above to quickly rejoin the battle.

Defeating Koldrak will yield treasure beyond what the Eight Masters could have hoped for. Depending on your damage contribution during the fight you'll be rewarded with one of three Koldrak treasure chests (Koldrak's Treasure, Premium Koldrak's Treasure, or Elite Koldrak's Treasure), each providing a better chance at greater rewards. Additionally, if you land the killing blow to Koldrak, you'll receive an additional Koldrak Treasure chest (base version). Open your Koldrak Treasure chest and be amazed at the riches within. You have a chance to get items like Soulstone Crystal, Moonstone Crystal, Sacred Crystal, Elysian Crystal, and the new Hexagonal Garnet (Critical and Boss Attack Power).Completing the daily quest will grant a large amount of experience, as well as two Koldrak Fire Dragon Scales.

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