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Blade And Soul Summer Update: Celestial Dawn Is Coming -

  • 2018-06-22 17:40:48
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The Celestial Dawn of Blade and Soul has been updated recently. The new content takes players to Nightfall Sanctuary and a new 12-player raid, brings a new solo Heroic Dungeon on board and provides a chance for players to evolve weapons to the Grand Celestial level.


Of course, the new update is not only adding different contents, but after the completion of the technical work, new roles and opportunities for easier development of the characters will appear in the game. Eventually they will have access to new treasure trove. Now BNS Gold for sale in In order to allow you to have a better experience in the game, we have prepared a number of Blade and Soul Gold for you to purchase.

To gain access to the final two bosses of Nightfall Sanctuary you will need to first defeat The Peacekeeper and The Shield Bearer. But be warned that your defeat of them does not mean that the subsequent tasks will be easy.

Other components of the update include:

The Augment System

Item Adjustments

Bug Fixes

Crafting Tweaks

A new Outfit For Weapons

Quality Improvement

Ornaments For The Costume

And much more. has prepared a series of a lot of cheap BNS Gold for you to choose.

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