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Useful Blade and Soul Guides Can Help You Be The Game Hero

  • 2017-05-03 18:58:07
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We can notice there are many massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the market such as World of Warcraft, Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, etc. And which one do you like best? Different players may have different answers. The topic I want to tell for today is Blade and Soul. Here are some professional guides that can help you play Blade and Soul better. ​


If you have played some MMORPG before, you must know the first step you should do is to choose your character's race and class. It is necessary to know which races and skillsets are predestined to dominate in an unbalanced game if you want to dominate the Earthen Realm in Blade and Soul. And Blade and Soul Gold must be necessary to level up your character smoothly. Actually, the whole cast of races and classes are all as viable as each other. 

As a veteran in MMORPG, you must know you can not aviod the combat. Basic actions like successful blows and blocks change your hot bar, opening up entirely different options based on your position in at any stage in the fight. It's a more interactive combat system that allows mastery of the gameplay to out do stats in most situations.

And you must need items to help you level up quickly. can provide you with BNS Gold with a lower price. However, some items in Blade & Soul can only be sold for a single bronze coin. You should keep this in mind  that the cost of purchasing basic items like food from vendors is often a hundred times that and the importance of keeping hold of those coins speaks for itself. 

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