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Move Further in Clash of Clans with Top Free Guides

  • 2017-06-14 18:36:04
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As a veteran Clash of Clans player, you must know the importance of coc gems, which can be helpful to move further in COC. And gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice to buy Clash of Clans gems. Cheap price and instant delivery are guaranteed! What's more, you can get some top free COC game guides here.


What you should know firstly is that do not rush your town hall. The awesome weapons and troops that await you at the next town may be desirable, but it is not worth rushing there. Your new opponents get significantly harder as you are limited to attacking town halls that are one level below you when you upgrade your town hall. That means you were a town hall 8, but rushed to town hall 9. Now you have to attack harder bases with the same troops as you had before. This makes it harder to get resources, and inevitably slows down your progress. Without doubt coc gems can be helpful in attack. 

You can notice the importance of ranged troops in every attack if you have played Clash of Clans for many times. Ranged troops are best used as support to tank troops such as Giants. It is often best to deploy ranged troops behind them. Another big advantage of ranged troops are their ability to attack structures behind walls without having to destroy the wall. They are much faster too in post-attack clean up. But ranged troop are not only good as pre- or post-attack Army. Understanding their range can make a difference in your attacks. 

You'd better use cheap units. Although this depends heavily on what your intent for attacking is, using a horde of archers and barbarians is usually much more effective than a few strong troops. Dragons, for example, are great, but they use a lot of resources and take precious time to train. You should not really be using it to train troops either if you're saving and looting for dark elixir. And you need to make an effort to use cheap units that are quick to produce for saving up resources. The best units to make depends on your Town Hall level.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy your game time with these guides. And we will keep on updating more useful tips and guides. BTW, don't miss gold.raiditem if you want to buy Clash of Clans gems with the lower price. Big bonus waiting for you!