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Best Clash of Clans Cheats Help You To Defeat Enemies Successfully

  • 2017-06-15 10:45:58
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You must have played Clash of Clans if you like mobile games. There is no doubt that every player wants to play better than other players. Now, here are some top free COC cheats can be helpful. BTW, cheap Clash of Clans gems also available at gold.raiditem. We have full stock of coc gems.


Defenses is necessary in Clash of Clans. The sooner you take down his defenses, the easier it'll be to take down the rest of the village. Assemble your soldiers near the enemy defenses and, after you take those down, march in and destroy the rest of the village with ease. Don't worry about taking casualties. You'll lose even more soldiers if you delay in attacking a village with defenses still active. You can defeat the enemies with coc gems from gold.raiditem.

Getting more and more resources and upgrading is also helpful to move further in COC. You can get resources in a few ways like get them from collector buildings; you can raid another player's camp with your troops and get their trophies and resources. In addition to this, you can also get gold and elixir from the single player goblin map.

And the best way to cripple an enemy is to concentrate your soldiers and burst through a single section of his defenses.Take the cannons and towers out one at a time, concentrating your men and attacking relentlessly. Don't try to take down everything at once because you’ll spread your forces as thin as butter on toast. And, if you decide to attack from multiple sides, you should make sure they are concentrated attacks.

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