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Clash of Clans Guides: How To Level Up Your Clan Effectively

  • 2017-07-05 15:16:47
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There is no doubt that all the COC players want to level up their characters faster than the others. Here are some ultimate game guides and that can help you level up effectively. And as the best site to buy Clash of Clans gems, gold.raiditem offer full stock of coc gems with a lower price.


Time is money in Clash of Clans. So the faster the better. Clash of Clans gems must be necessary to speed up. This is particularly true of builders and laboratories. You can play all day, collect millions in gold and elixir, but unless you part with gems, you cannot speed up builders or the laboratory. Another way to think about it is that every minute your builder is not building is another minute that achieving your ultimate goal moves out. Minutes may not count that much, but frequently hours and days pass with a builder sitting idle.

The busier you keep your builders and the more builders you have, the faster you will reach your goals. Since having more builders is so helpful, hoard your gems until you have five. There may be an argument that one finds it impossible to get enough resources to keep the builders running, but before you assume that is the case, it is “safer” to assume that if you paid attention to the upcoming rules 3 and 4, you will have enough.

Keep as many builders as possible busy all the time. At the sa,e time, you also need to keep your laboratory busy most of the time. Be smart about what you build and when you build it. You can store your activities if you raid efficiently. Follow some simple rules and copy others when laying out your town. Have fun with fighting wars, smashing people with hogs,etc.

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