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Clash of Clans New Update Will Come Soon in October

  • 2017-10-11 17:26:46
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Supercell announced a big Clash of Clans new update would come this month. According to the official announcement we can know The update will also bring in new features as well as aesthetic improvements for both the Home Village and the Builder Base.


Maybe players will get new content for the main village. upercell is seemingly focusing on widening the gap between #town hall 10 and Town Hall 11. Actually, no matter what changes will come, Clash of Clans gems are still important for you to speed up your progress. And the full stock of coc gems with cheap price available at gold.raiditem.

Supercell has made a conscious effort of creating a big gap between the Town Hall 11 and the Town Hall 10. With the October 2017 Update, the Town Hall 11 players will be able to upgrade the Valkyrie to level 6. The upgrade cost is 150000 Dark Elixir and the upgrade time is two weeks. The new training cost for the Valkyrie will be 220 Dark Elixir. The popular Clan War tank – the Golem, will also receive a new level. The“Clash of Clans”gamers in Town Hall 11 will need to shell out 200000 Dark Elixir to upgrade the Golem to level 7. The upgrade time is also two weeks and the new training cost will be 900 Dark Elixir.

An Online Indicator will also be launched with the October update. As the name of the new feature suggests, the Online Indicator will display the number of Clan members who are online. It will also display which members from the player’s Friends List are online, and would allow the player to watch their attacks.

Another aspect of the October Clash of Clans update is overall game and quality of life improvements. Supercell is adding 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly wars, and allowing 30 spectators to watch live battles. The spectator limit increases by 10 if anyone is in your friend list.

We still don't know the certain release date of the new update. Let's be patient and look forward its coming. Keep your eyes on gold.raiditem for the latest news. And you can also get 100% cheap and safe coc gems here. Almost 99% orders can be finished in 1 hour. BUY NOW!