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What We Learned From Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer?

  • 2017-05-22 18:13:16
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Destiny 2 will release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year, all the latest news, pre-order details and trailers you need are right here. According to the recent Destiny 2 gameplay premiere, what you learned? Now let’s us learn more about the upcoming Destiny 2 game.


Bungie has finally revealed the very first gameplay including all of the new planets, modes, raids, strikes and more. It's time for us to embark on our next space-shooting adventure. As a professional Destiny 2 Achievement shop, we will offer safe and cheap Destiny 2 Achievement with instant delivery. 

Bungie has confirmed that all PvP content has been refitted for 4-player teams. In addition, Raids can now be played by everyone and not just those who have a massively experienced fireteam put together. We've also got live gameplay of 'Homecoming,' a quest that has you playing through the assault from the original reveal trailer.

Destiny 2 will feature a new solo campaign known as the 'Red War' with more cinematics than ever before, and you'll even spend some missions working alongside new NPC characters. A new strike known as 'The Inverted Spire' will take you to The Nexus, one of a few new planets. Of course, brand new exotic weapons and armour are here, and they're plentiful. Other new planets include Titan, Earth, Nessus and Io.

Crucible is now 4v4 across every game mode. The UI has also been updated to make gameplay easy for newcomers yet equally as difficult for passionate veterans. During the gameplay reveal, Bungie revealed Countdown, a new mode coming to Destiny 2. All of this can be launched without even leaving the tower. No more going into orbit!

Destiny 2 will incorporate clan support directly into the game, meaning you can bring your friends together inside The Tower instead of a cumbersome skype chat. Clans will also have their own unique reward system, meaning you and your friends could earn bonus loot from simply working together. Guided Games is a new feature that allows new players to partner with experienced clans. This way, you can finish raids and strikes you'd otherwise find inaccessible without some friends.

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