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Destiny 2 News: There Won't be Rank on PvP at Launch

  • 2017-06-19 16:46:07
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According to the confirmed info unveiled, Destiny 2 game will release on September 6th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and on PC through Blizzard launcher on October 24th. A beta for PS4 will start on July 18 and beta for Xbox One for customers will begin July 19th. Besides, Luke Smith told Kotaku that Destiny 2 won’t be getting ranked PvP.


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  "We have an idea of something we might do. I don’t wanna commit to it here because I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. If we don’t get it for September 6, there’ll be something, some way of players showing off their prowess to other people. Which is ultimately what a ranking system is. We’re working on something." That means “We’re not doing ranked PvP.”

Ranked PVP is important in Destiny 2 game. It makes players show their prowess as well as track progression. As you rank higher, you have visual evidence that you are doing better in the game and obtain gear as rewards. Besides, many players hope that Destiny 2 will host a competitive tournament after, but now it seems that the news will make them disappointed. Smith also mentioned that there will not be private Crucible matches on release. Without the ability to host private servers, there's literally no way to have organized matched.

Still, good news for fan of PvP is the Iron Banner mode will make a return. Iron Banner's a mode in Destiny where your gear counts, whereas normal modes give everyone an even playing field. This was the mode where the most dedicated players could strut their stuff with their high-end raid and PVP gear, and also rewarded exclusive gear.

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