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Bungie Released A New Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

  • 2017-08-09 19:28:03
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I believe many players can't wait to play Destiny 2. The official site has released many trailers of Destiny 2 to tell players some details. Today Bungie has released a new competitive multiplayer trailer. Read the following contents for more details. And the full stock of cheap Destiny 2 Currency also available at gold.raiditem.


The new trailer is two full minutes of hype, taking no breaks to come up for air. It's just high adrenaline Crucible combat with plenty of cinematic flair. Each class in the forthcoming sequel– the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock–receives their own brief highlight reel in the trailer to showcase just what they’re capable of in the Crucible. BTW, gold.raiditem can offer you Destiny 2 Currency that can help you play well in Destiny 2.

There have already been several reveals regarding the future of the Crucible in Destiny 2. All competitive game modes will now be 4v4 only, with no deviation. Bungie believes this will provide the most optimal PvP experience and allow them to experiment more with gameplay, since the studio won't have to worry about technical limitations that go along with varying players. If only Bungie would increase the PvE party size to 4, so swapping between PvE and PvP would be more straight forward.

Three Crucible modes have so far been a focus for Bungie's marketing: Control, Countdown, and Survival. Guardians battle over three different map zones in Control, each team starting with one and then the third being neutral. Control more points for a longer duration to win a round. Countdown replicates Counter Strike's classic attack/defend gameplay, where one team pushes a point to plant a bomb and the other is out to stop that. Most recently announced was Survival, which gives each team a finite amount of lives and chances to respawn. Once the lives run out, a team loses the round.

Actually, we can't get any new details from this new competitive multiplayer trailer. However, it also does a good job highlighting each class's ultimate and special skills. Destiny 2 will come soon and gold.raiditem will keep on updating related news for you. In addition, don't miss our site if you want to buy Destiny 2 Currency. 100% safe and fast delivery is guaranteed!