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Destiny 2 Season Two: New Ships, Gear, Events and More

  • 2017-10-23 18:43:59
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Destiny 2 was initially released on September 6 and season 1 preps to come to a close. Season 2 will rise up, and players are expecting for some new features will come along with new season.


In this post, we will give you some brief introduction of of what new items season 2 will bring. New ships, new gear, emotes, events and more are lined are all up for the next phase in Destiny playability. Besides, you can buy Destiny 2 gold and cheap Destiny 2 items from, the most trustworthy site! 

The upcoming Season 2 changes

Season one is still currently active, though preparations to move on are now in place. To close out the first phase of Destiny 2, one more iteration of the Iron Banner will be live for players to get the loot they were hoping for but once that is completed, it's time for season 2. Some of the things players can expect to be different are: 

The way items are purchased: Weapons, etc
New ornaments: Event specific
Events will be overhauled: Trials of Osiris, Faction Rallies, etc
Addition of Clarion Calls: Provides double XP boosts
New emotes: Mic Drop, etc
New shaders: Season one shaders will still be active, new ones added
New Crucible maps: More details at a later date
New clan perks:Season one perks will reset

More details about the Season 2, please keep close here! We will update here regularly with the latest info and cheapest destiny 2 items for sale. Now, is offering you a big discount price for many in-game currency like ESO gold, OSRS Gold, COC Gems, etc. Visit our homepage to find more special offers during Halloween!