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The Journey Season 2 Makes FIFA 18 Hot

  • 2017-05-05 19:09:04
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In earlier time this year, EA has announced that The Journey will return in FIFA 18 with all new storylines and characters. It is a mystery that whether Alex Hunter will return or not. But according to the data, there are million players experienced The Journey in FIFA 17.


Gold.raiditem has been providing fresh game news and FIFA 18 coins for all people interested in FIFA series. Here we has confirmed that new characters and newer storylines will be added into The Journey Season 2. And the details are introduced here.

Purpose of Journey 
FIFA 18 will have the popular “The Journey” back this year for a new season.Last year, Journey was introduced to FIFA 17 and turned out to be a massive hit. Thus EA may continue to take this tactics to create a top-selling legend in console game.

The Context
The Journey is a game mode where we can guide a fictional player from promising beginning to international stardom with the biggest of clubs. Alex Hunter is the protagonist of The Journey in FIFA 17, where the console player must lead his career from the Under-11s to the absolute elite of the Premier League.

The Core of the Matter
FIFA 18 promises to be a shiny star in console game as Journey returns with new characters and new storylines. There will be more than one Alex Hunter to play in The Journey Season 2. Players who have been bored of playing the Hunter story for a long period get something to cheer. In the Season 2, they will have newer plots to explore and more narratives.

Support for New Season
FIFA 18 will build on the foundation created last year, bringing players back to The Journey with Season 2, featuring new adventures. New journey means more tasks and challenges. With the help of FIFA 18 Coins, we will get more opportunities to experience dramatic changes.

What’s Next?
The FIFA console game series has gone through many ups and downs. But without doubt that it is creating something unique and understanding its users quickly. 2018 will be a promising year for FIFA 18, and gold.raiditem will be always you to see surprises it makes in the future. Also you are recommended to buy FIFA 18 Coins on here. You deserve fast delivery and cheap price.