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FIFA 18:New Cover Star, Old Career Mode

  • 2017-05-10 16:37:34
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Recently, EA has announced that FIFA 18 is on its schedule. Earlier time this month, EA confirmed that the new series will come after some improvements and it will be available for multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and other devices. For most of us, we can put more FIFA 18 Coins into different places, thus the game itself becomes more interesting.


For FIFA 18 release, game maker hasn’t yet decided how to name it. After all, a proper name must express the content vividly and make players buy FIFA 18 Coins to play the new willingly. Luckily, we will see the new title at EA PLAY in June. Besides, Paul Pogba is identified to be the new cover star for the upcoming expansion.

The Effect of New Cover Star
Before Paul Pogba, Marco Reus was responsible for the cover. This year we have seen EA go with other options. Paul Pogba is a professional footballer. He plays as the central midfielder and can handle both defensive and attack positions. Thus he will take FIFA fans more new skills. For fans, you may get better performance with your FIFA 18 Coins under the formation guides taken by him.

Career Mode Introduced into FIFA 18
This mode was first used in FIFA 17, and will be introduced into FIFA 18. Thus FIFA series games gain so much potential than a steady slog through season after season. Fans always has their own beloved soccer team and players so that singer player campaign mode continues it effects in the series. This mode does work well. Fans never feel a waste of FIFA 18 Coins because they can manage their favorite teams or step into the boots of good player. Of course, EA need to make the mode better adapt to the new season. We just expect what is possible in FIFA 18.

EA Play Livestream
EA Play livestream will take place on June 10. It will cover the EA Play presentation. With EA Play, FIFA fans will know different cover figures appear in different regions. For the region-specific box art stars, gold.raiditem will take you new details in the future. 

It is sure that FIFA 18 will again feature The Journey with new characters and storylines. We have enjoyed the story mode features in FIFA 17 in which high praise overshadows the critical voice. So how about your opinions for FIFA 18? Would you like buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins for sale to support it? Like all of you, We also hope the old mode gets improved and will show us new surprise in FIFA 18.