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FIFA 18's Career Mode Will be the Greatest Ever

  • 2017-05-12 18:16:47
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According to EA's report, Paul Pogba will be as the cover star of FIFA 18, which may mean a the popular single-player campaign will flourish once again. Besides, other tweaks also appear in the latest release. Among those new changes, FIFA Career Mode must be the critical thing you should know.


FIFA's Career Mode may be playing second fiddle to Ultimate Team these days, but it's still incredibly popular. Here we show you some details about it. Surely, enough FIFA 18 Coins make a great difference if you want to experience the mode better.

More Manager Customisation
There were only 11 avatars a player could choose when starting out as a new manager. In the future, EA will build on this and add more character customisation to make the experience even more personal. Player and manager models thus look better than before.

Press Conference
The Journey in game is redesigned to make the player feel that their actions can get feedback. But Career Mode still feels stuck in the past in that respect. After improvement, press conferences do affect the game a lot.

Make Match Fair
As some fans has mentioned, the old code in FIFA 17 caused s trouble: a bug makes it hard to win in matches. But now fans may like to buy FIFA 18 Coins to play the game as a completely fixed mode sparks their passion to compete with the opponent. 

Switch Clubs 
Even in game, the plot should be like as the real life. At the end of a cheering season, you should be inundated with job offers. When you plan to support another team, or other players, you will feel comfortable to switch you clubs in a short period. The fixed mode may satisfy your needs.

Compared with the old mode, The fixed one has different functions. Players still seek for cheap and instant FIFA 18 Coins for sale to join the matches though they all know it still needs more time for improvement. So what will happen in the future before launch date? Can EA's effort make sense? To know more details, please visit gold.raiditem.