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FIFA 18 May Benefit by Learning 4 Features of PES

  • 2017-05-19 18:21:31
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Recently, Konami has announced that the accurate release date of their PES 2018. Previously, EA Sports also revealed the date of upcoming FIFA 18. According to players’ feedback, many new features of PES 2018 worth learning by FIFA 18.


Two games own their styles. But for most football fans, they also hope FIFA series get better with the help of some valuable tactics. Here gold.raiditem will share you 4 features for FIFA 18 development. Meanwhile, FIFA 18 Coins is hot sale on our website. Welcome to buy!

Edit Function:
PES allows the players to edit their own team kit, create stadiums and even update sponsors. This edit function will be welcomed by many FIFA players. It does works well when you feel hard to recognize your teams because players put on the same strips.

Speed Change  
It's time to think about the speed adjustment though EA has made dribbling round players tougher than ever. In real life, it will hardly cause this phenomenon: a player moves at a high speed and he is chased down by players with a slower defenders. Well, for PES, speed seems never a problem. All players know what they can do on the pitch clearly and always guide themselves’ actions accurately.

Match Atmosphere 
In a way, fans may like to buy FIFA 18 Coins to cheer the enjoyable atmosphere of FIFA 18. But the condition lies in that EA can put more emphasis on match atmosphere's building. For PES, the spirit of game itself is far beyond the stars appearance. While EA spends more time and money building game effect through decent commentary and player highlights. 

More Tactics 
At present PES's tactics shine off FIFA 17. Konami's game usually takes unexpected tactics so that sometimes you even don't realize what is players’ next move. If FIFA 18 takes this as a model, it can create a shock.

No doubt that PES gets a great success at present. So there are more tweaks waiting for FIFA 18. Gold.raiditem will keep offering cheap FIFA 18 Coins and sharing more info of the game.