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FIFA 18: FIFA Ultimate Team New Tweaks Will Come to PS4

  • 2017-06-01 17:52:40
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Dear FIFA funs, we are glad to show you good news about FIFA 18. Later this week, FIFA 18 legends will be coming to FIFA Ultimate Team on PS4, which has also inspired players for PS4. The most important or the typical feature for you to know is that Sony bags the rights to exclusive FIFA 18 contents.


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Recently, it is announced that FIFA releases have featured exclusive content on Xbox consoles including FIFA Ultimate Team Legends. However, things seemingly go wrong. If you watched the event of FIFA 18 in Germany, you may find that FIFA 18 image appears in the corner together with the PS4 logo.

This phenomenon obviously indicates a fact that Sony has picked up the marketing rights to FIFA 18. which typically comes with exclusive bonus content. And the FIFA Ultimate Team Legends has been said to star Brazilian striker Ronaldo this year. 

Behind the EA's recent action, players who purchase FIFA 18 Coins should notice Sony's chance is based on leaked footage. As we introduced previously, some soccer figures became the cover star of FIFA 18. And in this way, the developers seek for the new elements for the game. If funs want to understand the event motivation, they can also pay attention to EA Play Event and Sony's press conference.

Earlier this month, EA has announced that many games including FIFA 18 that it runs will get their new titles. For some of the games, players are even likely to play before official launch dates.   

Hopefully this includes the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18, which is being custom built for the console.
Several days ago, there was a saying unidentified that FIFA 18 will be based on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but no evidence suggests that it will fall on PS4.

So it's really exciting that exclusive content of FIFA 18 will be on PS4. We are full of expectation though it's still unclear what will be the final content of the game. Here gold.raiditem suggests you to prepare enough FIFA 18 Coins if you want to enhance your skills. Fast and cheap FIFA 18 Coins can be ordered on Gold.raiditem. BUY NOW!