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FIFA 18: How Will Football Fans Evaluate Player Ratings' Projections

  • 2017-07-20 18:22:10
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Recently, a detailed list of FIFA 18 players' rating has been shown and a hot discussion spark a fire among fans. No doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys the highest fame and has been regarded as the best players. However, with the list by hand, we come to guess whether he will keep his crown. We see some players seemingly breakthrough the past ratings in FIFA 17. Compared with those whose ratings get better, others on the decline still have space to improve their performances in FIFA 18.


Because there are so many players' name appearing in the list, it's hard to talk about all of them. Generally speaking, fans show more concern about the players on the rise. Given that, will make a brief introduction of those players. Also, we welcome you to buy cheapest FIFA 18 Coins cheapest here.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo keep his crown?
We know that Ronaldo was the highest-rated player in FIFA 17 and has been chosen to feature on the cover of this year's game, he looks set to retain the accolade when FIFA 18 is released later this year.

Lionel Messi:
As much as it has been Ronaldo's year, Messi also posted his best goals-per-game ratio in all competitions since 2012-13.

Gianluigi Buffon:
The Juventus goalkeeper may be getting older, but he was sensational in 2016-17 and deserves to be brought in line with David de Gea and Thibaut Courtois, who also gets a boost after claiming the Premier League's Golden Glove award.

Antoine Griezmann:
You could make an argument for the Atletico Madrid sensation earning a 90+ rating, and he may well get one. We have him just below that threshold, level with Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale.

Paulo Dybala:
Attention! Paulo Dybala deserves your FIFA 18 coins cheapest. This was the year that Dybala firmly established himself as one of the world's best attackers. Every club in the world would love to have him in their lineup and we believe he deserves a big boost to 89 as a result.
Harry Kane

N'Golo Kante:
Kante earned a ratings refresh boost from 81 to 83 midway through FIFA 17's lifespan, but it was not enough. The PFA Player of the Year recipient proved himself to be a world-class ball-winner en route to his second Premier League title.

Though some players are not discussed here, they can't be ignored at all. That is to say, you can still buy fifa 18 coins for your favorite players even though their ratings seem a little upset presently. Take Swedish superstar as an example. He suffered from a serious injury and just recovered. But he still makes a comeback and will fight for his glory. For further fifa18 news, keep close eye on! We never let you down!