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Major All-time Legends You May Expect to See in FIFA 18 Icons

  • 2017-08-10 09:23:48
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EA Sports have done their bit this summer by announcing some irresistible Icons for FIFA 18, including special versions of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Diego Maradona and Thierry Henry. Meanwhile, you can't miss the bonus of fifa 18 coins on gold.raiditem all the time!


Thanks to EA, some irresistible FIFA 18 Icons will appear in front of public with new features added. You will get to know all of them and fifa 18 coins cheap on gold.raiditem! As a professional online shop providing virtual game currency, it will take you the most pleasant buying experience.

But why stop there? Assuming they'll return the stars of yesterday they included from FIFA 17, these are the seven icons we're really hoping will be introduced to FIFA 18 when it's released in September.  

Zinedine Zidane:
It's a disheartening realisation that some younger fans know Zidane as nothing more than a manager, or bloke with an exceedingly powerful forehead. The rest of us know better: that there were few who could match the loyalty a football showed him.

David Beckham:
Before considering Beckham's footballing ability, one must address the beautiful elephant in the room: with the new“icon stories”feature we'd get not one but three of his hairstyles throughout the years. That alone is worth his inclusion.  

Eric Cantona:
When it comes to Cantona, most people will mention the Manchester United legends. In FIFA 18, Cantona as another icon will do more and sweep up all the past achievements. Previouly, he scored 82 goals in five seasons at United, winning the Premier League four times and FA Cup twice. But we know the battlefield is always here though you have done best in the past matches.

Paul Gascoigne:
Too many elegies of Gazza dwell upon unfulfilled potential, which grows tiresome. The National Football Museum describes him as the“most naturally gifted midfielder of his generation" – hard to argue with when remembering the boyish brilliance that led him to Italia 90 and captured hearts forever.

All in all, EA Sports continue to reveal new content for the latest edition with ICONS in Ultimate Team and even a sneak peek at player ratings. To check out more fresh info, pay attention to our daily news sharing. Meanwhile, if you don't know where to buy fifa 18 coins, just come to gold.raiditem. We never let you down!