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EA Sports Has Unveiled FIFA 18 Beta Code For PS4 and Xbox One

  • 2017-08-11 19:09:49
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Up to now, we have unveiled everything about the FIFA 18 including cover star, three editions, major player's rating predication and new features added in new season. According to the past FIFA series, Beta info is also the important thing that fans care much.


Now FIFA 18 Beta codes are comfirmed to be sent on PS4 and XBox One and by EA Sports. Here you need to know the latest message about from gold.raiditem. Here you can enjoy the reliable and sincere FIFA 18 Coins service from our professional team.

The FIFA 18 beta invites are being rolled out today and will only be coming to a select group of PS4 and Xbox One fans.

EA have made such a adjustment because the form of FIFA Beta Codes also need to be upgraded to adjust to players on multiple platforms. After all, the most terrible thing is changing nothing. This move will be told to players via company eamils instead of other way round.

Here's a piece of notification from EA Sports:“We only have enough codes for the players that we sent emails to. If you didn't get an email with a code, our advisors won't be able to give you one, nor do we have any available on the forums.”

How to Get EA's Email:
The first step to getting an email is by opting into the service with EA and if you haven't already, it's probably too late. This means going to the EA Sports FIFA Contact Preferences page and checking the first box.

Who Can Participate:
It doesn't mean all gamers can join in this activity. It's irrelated to where to buy fifa 18 coins. EA also set a age limitation for participants. According to the rule, players must be 18 years at least. Then this group will have internet access, EA account. To pass successfuly, players must follow the User Agreement and the FIFA 18 Beta Agreement.

EA have also warned that Live streaming and image capturing of Closed Beta gameplay or forums is against the rules as is discussing the content of the beta on the forum.

Additional Info about FIFA 18 Beta:
Reportedly, the FIFA 18 closed beta does't weigh as players have guessed before. In reality, it weighs in at around 34GB, meaning a hefty download for PS4 and Xbox One participants.

But before we post this news, no further announcement leak out to give us an accurate time when FIFA 18 Beta will go live. Without more change, it will come this evening. It follows the recent FIFA 18 Icons and FUT reveal by EA Sports, during a big live stream event, held in Chicago.

Aside from what we have mentioned here, you should pay attention to a new FIFA mode called Squard Battles, a weekly competition where you can face off against four different FUT 18 squards curated to play against your team.

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