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FIFA 18:Closed Beta and Favorite Team List Released for Gamers!

  • 2017-08-21 09:33:14
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In the previous report, FIFA 18 Closed Beta has been confirmed rto be available for gamers. And EA sent invitation emails to their selected FIFA 17 players with Beta codes from 2 to 11 August 2017. But things seem a little embrassing because FIFA 18 closed beta caused a buzz among fans.


Previously, gold.raiditem has collected much info about FIFA 18 players' rating. Now, we'd like to share players' looks which have been shown in the latest video. Will that matter make you feel excited and boost you to buy fifa 18 coins for gameplay? The gameplay videos have surfaced online ahead of September 29 - game's release date.

FIFA 18 Closed Beta is only available on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The selected players are chosen from FIFA players in the US and the UK who opted in to get EA emails. But luckily, it still gives fans their first taste of what the game will be like.

Along with the rules of Closed Beta, FIFA 18 may be a very expecting game different what fans have imagined before the launch day.

EA Sports have yet to confirm when they plan to launch the demo, although it usually arrives mid-September time. But you can prepare your fifa 18 coins in advance as you get the team list here. It is said that gamers have been allowed to play a version of FIFA 18 at various gaming events. And the team details are shown as below! Come and find out your favorite teams!

Manchester City
Manchester United
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
Bayern Munich
LA Galaxy
Toronto FC
As for this list, any change can take place before the FIFA 18 demo goes live, however, it seems like a pretty solid list of footy clubs to be included.

Will there be further tweakes for FIFA 18 by EA Sports? Which player is your idol? Welcome to leave your comments here. Also, FIFA 18 Coins cheap and safe will be provided timely and conveniently on gold.raiditem. Our professional attitude and considerate service deserve your trust!