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FFXIV Creature "Behemoth" Arrives Monster Hunter World on August 1-

  • 2018-07-16 15:47:05
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Everyone is waiting for more information since FFIXV officially announced that there will be a crossover event with Monster Hunter this summer. Finally, FFXIV announced that this event will start in the Monster Hunter world first. According to FFXIV, the almighty creature "Behemoth" will arrive at Monster Hunter on August 1.


It's time for all players to buy FFXIV gil for the upcoming crossover. Before this announcement, it seems that we need to wait a long time for the crossover. But now, it's really very close. It would be better to visit and get everything you need immediately. Getting prepared in advance is much more better than getting beat when you meet the creature from Monster Hunter world.

Behemoth will be the same size as the final boss in the game. He can drop down meteors as he does in FFXIV. It'll definitely be a challenge to slay. Players can get a great reward once they slay it. But the reward will only be the Monster Hunter items, players can't get FFXIV items for special reward. Although get FFXIV items is not an option, players of Monster Hunter can get some items based on the FFXIV items.

- Dragoon gear which is based on the image of FFXIV's Dragoon class. 

- The armor:  "Drachen Series". 

- The Dragoon Relic Weapon from FFXIV, the Gae Bolg. 

- The Kinsect: "Dragon Soul". 

It seems that the ruthless creature of Monster Hunter world called "Rathalos" will arrive at FFXIV as a final boss in the crossover event. However, there is no detail yet. Perhaps it will be a new expansion for players to explore. You can learn some basic information about Rathalos previously in case you don't know what to do when you encounter it.

The crossover is just at the beginning, there will be more exciting announcements in the future. Gold.raiditem will keep an eye for you and share the latest news with you. You can also buy FFXIV gil safely at the cheapest price on our website without registration. We are always your most loyal friend. Visit our website to learn more, we'd be very glad to hear from you.