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Final Fantasy 15's Next Free Update Revealed

  • 2017-04-21 18:59:10
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Release time and new feature:
Players who  buy FFXIV Items  said, this new Final Fantasy 15 will launch on April 27. The updated will add new features for Playstation 4 Pro. Among the additional elements, a new mode is necessary to noticed. With this mode, the game has “a harmonious and pleasant play.” Earlier, the official site stated that Final Final Fantasy 15 would be supported by PS4 Pro. And now the free update may support for all PS4 and Xbox One.

Players’ opinions for the new:
Well, the designing ideas for the free additional version was unveiled, the update has to received different voice. Part of senior players believe that it sometimes take them terrible experience under some circumstances. However, others agree that some innovated skills do overwhelmed shortcomings.

New operation functions:
After innovation and re-design, it's easy for the update to magnify the subtitles and menu screen size. Besides, timed exploration will start up again. And of course there will be a ranking system. Additional, Regalia customization has a chance to be equipped with a new sticker. Based on the new sticker, music songs with various styles are available to players.

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